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Empire offers turnkey sports infrastructure solutions across synthetic turf for Football, Hockey (and other turf based sports), synthetic athletic tracks, inter-locking modular sports flooring, specialty draining and aeration systems and civil works, and other variants of indoor and outdoor sports facilities.


These projects are typically required to meet the international standards of the respective global governing bodies such as FIFA, IAAF, FIH, etc. The nature of the projects span across Amateur, Training or International standards.

The scope inherently includes design and construction of a suitable sub-base involving embedded drainage system and asphalt layers; chain link fencing, gallery construction, scoreboards, lighting, seating, etc. basically everything that may be required for a fully functional, self-sufficient sports facility at any level. Empire is proud to be partnered with the industry leader in each of these product lines and with exclusive licensee rights for these markets for multiple years. We have also made remarkable inroads into the South Asia and East Africa region with projects successfully executed in 7 countries. The awards and recognition we have from the highest bodies are testimony to our vision and achievements.

Empire is well-placed to be the most preferred partner for international companies planning to enter India and South Asia. With this stupendous platform and the proven capability, we are on track to fulfill our mission of being the most comprehensive, innovative and professional sports infrastructure company in South Asia. We are primarily a "last mile" company with sales and execution capabilities. Our model compels any new technology to be deployed through Empire in South Asia.


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Pioneering Innovation

The genesis of GSI was in introducing an entirely innovative product in India. Over the years, the company has relentlessly pursued newer technologies and solutions that have the potential to change the economics of the sports industry. Here's a snapshot:

  • First to introduce a new-generation artificial grass that is suitable for all grass-based sports, does NOT need a single drop of water, is safe for children to dive and slide on, and is maintenance-free.
  • When the norm was using one play court or surface for just one sport, GSI again innovated by introducing multisport surfaces.
  • The challenge of limited open spaces dedicated for sports was addressed by introducing play surfaces that could be used even for non-sport uses like cafeteria, school assembly, cultural program, trade shows, etc.
  • Conventional sports infrastructure in India involved hundreds of millions of Rupees but had poor ROI due to the inability to use them for any non-sports events. GSI again took the lead by introducing world-class turf protection systems that allow stadiums to monetize their asset with vastly higher utilization.
  • Seeing that Cricket stadiums suffer from washouts due to wet outfields, another innovative solution was introduced that rapidly evacuates water from the moment it starts raining, so that the field is ready to play as soon as rain stops—saving hundreds of millions in lost revenue.

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