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Empire Industrial Equipment has the right infrastructure to project a professional and competent image on behalf of Principals wanting to do business in India.

EIE has its headquarters in Mumbai, with a state-of-the-art office in the heart of the city. The office is well-equipped with modern office facilities, a conference room that can expand to twice its size, a Videoconferencing facility, private cabins for senior executives, cubicled workspaces for others, pantry for staff welfare and so on. Offices in Gurugram (NCR Delhi) and Kolkata are also equipped appropriately and connected through videoconferencing facility. EIE has significant presence in other important metro cities like Chennai, Hyderabad and Bangalore.

Enlightened Human Resource (HR) practices aim for self-actualisation needs of the band of Engineers and MBAs, who constitute a majority of employees. A full-fledged Project Team consisting of over 40 professionals is also in place. Well qualified commercial and accounts staff render effective administrative support to the marketing and sales team in order to optimise operations.

Congenial Ambience

Sourcing the right talent ... when the business model is not conventional - neither trading nor manufacturing nor EPC per se but a combination of all the three facets

One of my responsibilities at Empire industrial Equipment (EIE) is to source marketing talent for the organization. And a key challenge we face is that there are no EIE-ready candidates in the market. That's probably because of the business model that obtains in EIE.

Interestingly, the successful marketing personnel in our organization are those who are tech savvy and comfortable with multi-ethnic nationalities across Europe, USA, Singapore, Middle East, China to name a few, are willing to be life-long-learners and can thrive in an environment that is somewhat ambiguous and fuzzy. In this context, while browsing the net, I chanced upon an article by MICHELLE JAMES which describes.


Characteristics of Creative Organizations - Michelle James©2008

I quote partially from that article to illustrate the way we work – respecting the interests of our customers, which we regard as supreme, and balancing these with the long-term interests of our Principals to make their continued presence in India. Our marketing personnel do that by :

  • Balancing planning with improvising and continuous learning
  • Using the unknown as a resource (do not avoid it)
  • Adopting creativity as an organizational discipline; a mindset
  • Being flexible, in a limited organizational structure that is combined with intensive interaction
  • Leaving room for exploration and discovery without judgment
  • Acting upon intuition and “resonance” as well as logic 
  • Employing real-time feedback loops and adapting accordingly
  • Viewing mistakes and failures as invitations to improve, grow or create
  • Engaging paradox – engaging opposing or differing "truths" and view points without needing to boil them down to the lowest common denominator
  • Using both linear and non-linear ways of thinking
  • Believing in our people; drawing forth on their positives
  • Being informed by, but not limited to, what worked in the past
  • Being tolerant of ambiguity and uncertainty
  • Balancing structure and "being organized" with flow and emergence
  • Valuing fun as part of the creative process

And, I may add, YET using structured and proven processes to achieve results.

Viewed from this perspective, working in EIE can be described as a creative pursuit. And those candidates that can embrace a certain ambiguity and intellectual agility will find a career with EIE rewarding; as the compensation package is also geared to reward performance handsomely.

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