LNG Marketing


Empire focuses on LNG supply chains serving "stranded demand", where off-the-grid customers lack access to LNG pipelines. Our company was the first to perfect this process, and as such, the first in the world to ship LNG ISO tanks from Europe to China.


LNG to remote and rural locations

From deployment to delivery, we are your one stop shop for domestic and international deployment of LNG in ISO tanks. We give you a supply chain that you can count on with a focus on making natural gas green.

We specialize in providing LNG to remote and rural locations, especially to locations with no other choice for processing and heating. Empire gives you the full-scale energy choice that you have been looking for.

Cost Efficient Natural Gas

Bloat and inefficiency are scaling up in the traditional energy market, while natural gas, a so-called alternative resource, routinely performs with a higher effectiveness and a lower cost.

Empire has strived to perfect the fulfillment process for liquefied natural gas, bringing a convenient source of energy to locations both on and off the natural gas grid.


Green Energy

Being friendly to the environment has its rewards outside of taking the moral high road. Aside from leaving less of a carbon footprint, LNG also works more efficiently in the industrial environment, preserving the lifecycle of vital hardware and infrastructure while improving operations. Again, the problem with implementation for most companies is supply chain fulfillment.

Empire provides companies the cost-effective logistics that enable a more efficient process from deployment to delivery. Green energy is now less expensive throughout the supply chain for your company regardless of industry.



In order to serve as the seminal company providing LNG in ISO tanks on a global scale, we must align ourselves with the best supply chain partners around the world. Here you will learn a bit more about our infrastructure and the companies that help us to deliver natural gas in the most cost efficient and process effective manner.

Our infrastructure partners are highly vetted importation terminals ensuring the proper delivery of your LNG on time.


We provide services for the small-scale LNG market across the globe. Moving natural gas in ISO tanks is a highly-specialized process that requires a directed skill set. Markets around the world are opening themselves to the use of natural gas, and we plan to be there by servicing their energy needs as they move into the 21st century.

The small-scale LNG Market is specially targeted in the places where there is less production of the LNG and does not require large LNG liquefaction plants.


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