Oil and Gas

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SVT marine loading arms for loading and unloading liquids and gases ensuring safety and reliability in the process.

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Flexider Expansion joints for use in Refinery / Petrochemicals / Fertiliser / Thermal plant pipes carrying high-temperature fluids.

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Ruhrpumpen-make hydraulic decoking system for application in delayed coking processes in refineries.

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Illinois Blower, USA make a complete line of fans and blowers all capable of being customized.

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Seagull Cooling towers for application in chemical, petrochemical, power and steel plants.

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S & T Korea Air coolers for refineries, petrochemical and power plants.

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Shin-Nippon pumps for application conforming to API 610 in refinery, fertilizer and petrochemical plants.

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Filtration systems for liquid-gas and liquid-liquid application for application in the upstream and downstream oil industry. Some of the areas of application include CCR, Coker & Delayed Coker, Crude distillation, Ethane cracker, Gas Treatment Unit, Hydrocracking & Hydrotreating, LNG, LPG purification, Shale Oil & Shale Gas.

Hanwha Techwin

Hanwha Techwin API 617 Integrally Geared Centrifugal Compressor. When the process requirements challenge and demand the most rugged and flexible Vapor Recovery Unit, where 24x7 reliability and availability is a necessity".

And Many More Equipments...

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