Steel and Metallurgy

Steel and Metallurgy

Blast Furnace:
Complete iron making solutions on turnkey basis.

Steel and Metallurgy

Top equipment for blast furnace:
Top Equipment's with main efficient performance indicator which exceeded the level of the same kind products in the world.

Steel and Metallurgy - Top Pressure Recovery Turbine

Hot Stoves:
State of the Art Technology and Choice of TOP / Internal / External Combustion technology.

Steel and Metallurgy - Torpedo Ladle Car

Cast House Machines

Steel and Metallurgy - Stacker Reclaimer

Cold blast injection / Turbo blower:
AXIAL / CENTRIFUGAL Blowers for Cold Blast Injection.

Steel and Metallurgy - Cold Blast Injection – Blowers

Top pressure recovery turbine:
Top Pressure Recovery Turbine which Generates Power, utilizing Top Pressure and also controls the blast furnace top pressure.

Steel and Metallurgy -  Blast Furnace

Pulverized Coal Injection:
State of art PCI technology on Turnkey basis.

Steel and Metallurgy - DRI Plant

Torpedo Ladle Car:
Torpedo Ladle Car with Integrated technology.

Steel and Metallurgy - DRI Plant

Gas Cleaning Plant:
Dry type Gas Cleaning Plant with State of the Art Technology.

Steel and Metallurgy - DRI Plant

Coke Oven Exhausters / Boosters:
Centrifugal type Coke Oven Boosters and Exhasuter in Coke Oven by Product Plant.

Steel and Metallurgy - DRI Plant

Sinter Plant Fans:
All Fans in Sinter Plant with Proven technology.

Steel and Metallurgy - DRI Plant

Special Plate / heat treated Plate Plant:
Heat Treatment facility for Plate / Pipe / Bars on turnkey basis.

And Many More Equipments...

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