Capital Equipment for Mining


Australian Turntable Company

The Australian Turntable Company is now delivering turntable solutions to the Mining Industry globally. Through our commitment to Quality (ISO Accredited) and Innovation, ATC have achieved a world class reputation for the design, manufacture & installation of high quality mechanical rotating solutions which in turn provide substantial benefits to an operation and process.
Products developed specifically for the Mining Industry include:

  • Turntables stationed at the crusher face with a capacity to cater for up to CAT 797F dump trucks,
  • Sizer Crusher turntables allowing for a reduction in downtime to approximately 30 minutes,
  • Turntables for tunneling or underground operations and
  • Turntables for use within maintenance facilities.

The Australian Turntable Company provide full project capabilities from design integration, product and civil installation requirements to post sales support models.


Flip Screen

Flip Screen is dedicated to providing State of the Art Innovation and Design.

Finding the right tool for screening is always a difficult one, they always break down, difficult to move and the ones that can fulfill those needs fail in efficiency leaving you with a perpetual pile-up of material needing to be processed. FlipScreen found this problem and has dedicated itself to revolutionizing the screening process and applications. Focusing on creating the best product's possible, we flip the competition out, creating innovative screening technology that is portable, productive and profitable. Our dedication has allowed us to exponentially grow into 38 countries while receiving praise for our revolutionary multi award winning product FlipScreen.

Breaking into this industry and revolutionizing was never an easy thing, it has taken hard work, dedication and time to create the number one screening technology. Those attributes can be seen through our team, our in house engineers, welders, machinists, assemblers and sales who all thrive to create the best solutions and products which you didn't know you need till now

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